I am Luca, a passionate UX and brand designer living in Lucerne, a wonderful city in Switzerland

I grew up in Calabria, a fantastic region in southern Italy. After graduating from the Polytechnic University of Turin and a short experience in Milan, I’ve worked as a UX and brand designer at a design agency in Lucerne. Currently, I am working at Planted as a UX and motion designer.
When I am not designing, you can find me experimenting with photography, writing about my various thoughts, cooking for family and friends, playing soccer, or creating a new Spotify playlist.

Ferris wheel in Lucerne during sunset
Ferris wheel in Lucerne: The place where I live
Group selfie on the mountain Pilatus, Lucerne
Memories. Hiked up the Pilatus mountain during the night
Vegan bolognese looksober uai
One of my vegan dishes. I am not allowed to say that it is a Bolognese

Yes, I am half Italian, meaning that I talk either with gestures or quite loud when I am on the phone.
Whether I am defining a brand strategy or sketching some wireframes, I lose myself in the flow of these activities as they have always been my primary passion. I am particularly interested in how companies connect to their audiences in this noisy digital world and how products can be continuously improved by making experiences simpler and more entertaining.
We, as designers, can contribute as facilitators to make brands stand out and make user experiences memorable.
Have a look at some of my works or check out my Youtube channel.

Lake Como 2020 looksober uai
Memories. Camping with good friends
Tropea Jana 2021 looksober uai
Calabria (Tropea): The region where I grew up


A selection of shots

jana caminia uai
tel aviv 2019 uai
DSC03734 uai
siena 2018 uai
sea exposure long uai
Beach tropea uai
san nicola arcella 2019 uai
calabrian san nicola arcella 2019 uai
DSC03931 uai
DSC03901 uai
DSC03824 uai


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