Bataillard - Ecommerce

Bataillard is one of the biggest wine retailers in Switzerland. Vetica Group was in charge of building the new digital ecosystem of the company and the web channel was one of the most crucial touchpoints to be designed. My task was to develop the foundamentals of their design systems and afterwords implement the new design to existing wireframes. I also designed the new logo of Steinfels and applied a variation of the design system to two sub-brands of Bataillard: Wyhus Belp and Steinfels. The final implementation was not covered by Vetica Group.
This project is part of a teamwork at Vetica Group.
All visual contents (pictures, renderings, photos, videos etc.) are subject to the copyright of Vetica Group.

Year / Client

2017 / Bataillard


#ecommerce #GUI #digital-branding #UX #iconography #beverage

History responsive bataillard
02 Bataillard edge to edge v3
05 Bataillard edge to edge

Steinfels digital rebranding

steinfels old
steinfels new
07 Bataillard edge to edge