Schmidlin Vario and Rebranding

Schmidlin is your reliable and expert partner for tailored bathroom solutions, and it is now also perceived as such from the outside. For this project, I was involved in the design of some parts of the website (i.e. the navigation, the products/product page, the footer, the contact page, the retailers-search page, the favourites page, the news page) and the detailing of specifications for the developers. Furthermore, I designed the web configurator and the short video showing how these tailored bathroom solutions actually work. Even if I was not involved in the rebranding process, I curated the guidelines regarding the online channel and created the animation showing the evolution of the Schmidlin’s logo.
This project is part of a teamwork at Vetica Group.
All visual contents (pictures, renderings, photos, videos etc.) are subject to the copyright of Vetica Group.

Year / Client

2018 / Schmidlin


#brand identity #user interface #web design #digital #animation #motion graph #configurator

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